How well do you know your best friend?

Australia’s largest ever crowd-funded advertising campaign serves as a heart-wrenching exposé of the inhumane conditions found at commercial puppy farms, which supply the majority of dogs bought in pet shops and online.
Visually this is a simple technique that puts the perceptions of dog owners directly under the spotlight.

“People are passionate about their dogs and this campaign turns peoples love for dogs into a reason to make life better for all of them in the long run, because truly caring about your dog means caring (and investigating) where they are from.” Lorraine Jokovic, CEO of LOUD.

Lyn White, Campaign Director at Animals Australia added, “This is a unique look at an astonishingly overlooked issue from the perspective of those who can actually make a difference. Most importantly, greater awareness will help end this commercial cycle of cruelty and hopefully lead to more dogs being adopted.”

The campaign itself received over one million views in its first 24 hrs. Most importantly it was instrumental in changing government legislation of the dog breeding industry.

Make it Possible


Factory farming causes the most cases of animal cruelty in the world today and has only been allowed to thrive because it has been hidden from public view. In Australia alone, nine out of ten pigs, more than 450 million chickens and 13 million laying hens are factory-farmed annually. With this in mind, Animals Australia challenged LOUD to create a campaign to educate the public and in turn, inspire consumers to take action and make a world without factory farming, a reality.

The charity market is saturated with causes asking for assistance, which meant consumers had become de-sensitised to issues that seemed beyond their capabilities to help. 
Therefore, the insight that drove this campaign was empowerment. While this was a daunting issue, it was still within every person’s power to make a difference. From this insight came the ‘Make it Possible’ campaign where we empowered individuals to make a choice and join a movement alongside Australian icons like Pat Rafter and Missy Higgins to end factory farming.

Within 6 months of the campaign launch, over 
100,000 thousand people have committed online to ‘Make it Possible’ with pledges ranging from refusing factory-farmed to going completely meat free. 
Over half a million dollars has been raised so far and Animals Australia has 3000 more monthly donors to the cause. However, the most important result of all, both Coles and Woolworths have made commitments to remove factory farmed pork product and cage eggs from their shelves and Animals Australia has become an influential voice for animal welfare in Australia.

NRMA Community Grants

IAG Direct Insurance (NRMA Insurance, SGIO and SGIC) had proudly supported organisations that helped to make community safer, stronger and more confident for over 10 years through their Community Grants program.
During this period, IAG challenged LOUD to provide a new Community Grants identity that could be used year on year to promote the program both to external and internal audiences and increase the overall quality of applications received.

The campaign has performed well year on year with strong support from internal stakeholders and robust engagement externally. In just one year we saw a massive 120% increase in grant applications and another 60% increase in public votes, making 2014 the most engaging and successful campaign to date.

Seeking help is a courageous act

The Responsible Gambling Fund is attempting to break down the barriers of shame, denial and hopelessness by encouraging those with a problem to contact Gambling Help. We aimed to reposition the action of seeking help into a courageous action, as opposed to a sign of weakness, as previous campaign strategies have done.
Set to Powderfinger’s ‘These Days’ soundtrack, the TVC is strong example of positivity and empowerment.

“We’re lucky to have had the opportunity to work with some iconic Australian talent in tackling an issue that affects many Australians. The vision of filmmaker Gregor Jordan accompanied by the music of Powderfinger helps drive home both a positive and empowering message.” LOUD ECD Steven Thomson said.

Running as video pre-rolls and online rich media banners, the campaign is supported by ATMs in
pubs and clubs, radio partnerships and online display banners.


When LOUD was briefed to raise mass awareness of ING, a new brand in the Australian market, our task was to create a new voice that the cynical consumer would relate to. Creating empathy with humour Scottish comedian Billy Connolly was identified as the perfect consumer representative. Although bold in approach, he was considered credible, intelligent and an enhancement to ING’s brand integrity.

It wasn’t long ago ING didn’t exist in Australia. Today, with Billy’s campaign launch and decade long campaign, ING’s awareness levels are a category killing 93% and it’s the most trusted financial services brand in the country.

“ING and LOUD worked successfully together over many years. LOUD was instrumental
in the long running Billy Campaign. This campaign repositioned ING as speaking
the language of the general public has been a great success for us, has great cut through and
built a unique personality and position for ING in financial services which is a hard market to
do this”.
Paul Bedbrook, Managing Director, ING Australia