Guess what brands? You no longer have a right to be heard. None whatsoever. In today’s crowded, innovative and evolving marketplace, that right to be heard has to be earned, and it’s maybe not the way you once thought.

Simply putting a hand up and waiting for a consumer hi-five will now only leave you hanging. Brands now need to interact with their audience in an organic, engaging, culturally relevant manner in order to earn what we call Cultural Currency.


LOUD is a proudly independent, fully-integrated, dynamic ideas institution. We enable brands to earn cultural relevance, while outsmarting rather than outspending the competition. Our hallways are populated by a collaborative bunch of darers, dreamers and skilled content creators.


LOUD is the only full-service agency in Australia with a specialist multicultural division, talking and engaging with the over 6 million Australians who speak a language other than English at home. LOUD has created successful multicultural campaigns for leading brands such as BUPA, OPTUS, Western Union, Medibank Private, and NEC. Not to mention multiple ongoing projects with both the State and Federal Government.

Loud Folks

  • Image of Gerry Cyron

    Gerry Cyron Partner & Planning Director

    Gerry is LOUD. As in you’ll hear him from across the room. In fact, some days you can even hear his passionate voice from over the bridge. And his passion is for great work. Work, which he’ll of course tell you, comes from great strategy. And he’d definitely know, because he’s done enough of it. Gerry was even voted the world’s second most awarded Planner in the 2013 Gunn Report. Which is really good btw.

  • Image of Lorraine Jokovic

    Lorraine Jokovic Partner & CEO

    Lorraine’s vast depth of industry experience and knowledge allows her to successfully navigate the roles of CEO and client whisperer across a broad range of categories. Highly regarded throughout the multicultural and cause related sectors, Lorraine’s expertise is often sought and greatly valued. Being the most responsible of the partners also makes Lorraine the official holder of the often-flicked agency ‘off switch’.

  • Image of Paul Bennell

    Paul BennellHead of Art

    Paul is in charge of the agency wine ordering and all other things artsy. As well as a keen visual eye, Paul is also a world-class ideas guy with many awards to his name including a Grand Prix Cannes Lion and the prestigious 1995 Cleo Bachelor of the Year title.

  • Image of Tom Hartney

    Tom HartneyHead of Innovation

    Tom is literally a head of innovation. UX, UI & Gamification are like porn to this quietly spoken, yet extremely hardworking individual. Tom knows a helluva lot and what little he doesn’t, he picks up very quickly.

  • Image of Steve Dubé

    Steve Dubé Head of Production

    A recent addition to the LOUD team, Steve brings a level of knowledge and experience to the business that only a budgie smuggling, Northern Beaches dad possibly could. A bigger smile and steadier pair of hands you wont find.

  • Image of Gemma Tugby

    Gemma TugbyGroup Account Director

    Now in her 7th year at LOUD, Gemma brings a wealth of experience to the team from both an agency and client perspective. Being the mother of 2 very small children helps her understanding and seamless interaction with both the Creative and Planning departments. Gemma’s expansive vocal range also saves a great deal on telephones and other communication devices.

Loud Clients


If you like what you’re hearing and are keen to partner with an organisation that will give you most of what you want but all of what you need, then give us a holler.

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